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Natural Orange Ornaments


I have been reconsidering my holiday decorations. I have 2 small boys so I needed unbreakable ornaments for my tree. My first thought was to buy cheap plastic ones because they are pretty and my boys won’t destroy them, or if they did I wouldn’t care.
But I have since learnt about the plastic pollution and didn’t want to contribute to that.
As a fun activity I turned to making natural orange ornaments that can be composted after the holiday season.

For one 6 ft tree 
-3 naval oranges 
-Cookie sheets
-Cooking spray 
-Yarn needle 
1. Cut oranges in very thin slices  
2. Line multiple cookie sheets with foil 
3. Spray pans with cooking spray 
4. Arrange cut oranges flat on sheet and sprinkle with sugar  
5. Place pans in oven at 200 degrees for 2-3 hours  
6. Thread your yarn needle with twine  
7. Carefully feed twine through the flesh of orange under the outside skin. Tie knot and your done! 
8. Glue embellishments if you desire. 

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